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Phil Costello Celebrant

Frequently Asked Questions

Phil Costello Celebrant

What is the process for becoming legally married, or what is the paperwork we need to complete to become married?

I have broken down the process for marriage in the your day page. I have a document that I send anyone who makes an inquiry which outlines the legal steps that need to be followed.

What happens if we book you but you cannot attend on the day?

I am in contact with numerous other celebrants in Wellington and would ensure that someone was able to step in for me.

Can other people be a part of the ceremony?

Absolutely. The celebrant is legally required to lead the ceremony through the vows and associated parts. If others would like to contribute readings, songs, or anything else, that’s fine and a wonderful thing. I will work with you to construct your ideal ceremony.

Who can be a witness for the purposes of signing the registry?

Just about anyone who is aware of what they doing. So, a ten or 12 year old child could be a witness but not a four year old. Similarly, someone who doesn't speak English and cannot know what is going on could not be a witness unless someone was there to translate for them.

Is it okay to have music items included in the ceremony?

Absolutely, no problem. Your ceremony can include any items that you like, including live music. My only advice is that the items are consistent with and contribute to the nature of the occasion.

Does your fee include a rehearsal and meetings?

Yes, it’s all included in the base rate. If the venue is more than an hour or so out of town, there might be a small charge to cover transportation but I would advise you of this at the outset.

Are you able to help with advice on piecing together the ceremony and writing vows?

Yes. This is a big part of my service, and I offer a vow writing session if required at no extra charge. The main consideration here, though, is that I never presume to tell couples what form their ceremony should take. Rather, I offer suggestions and options, because the most important part of this process is that the ceremony is exactly the way you want it and that you are perfectly happy with its form, order and content.

Phil Costello Celebrant